World RallyCross. Andreas Bakkerud wins. With broken suspension

Repost alert. Hoonigan Racing Division’s Andrea Bakkerud takes on four rivals in the FIA World Rallycross Championship round at Estering, Germany with broken rear suspension. And still wins

Who said 13 is an unlikely number?

…well, okay, everyone, but there are exceptions to the rule, most notably Andreas Bakkerud’s run during Q4 at the FIA World Rallycross Championship
round in Estering, Germany.

Admittedly, given that this round took place last October, some of you will already have seen this astonishing demonstration, in which Bakkerud, having buckled a toe-link in the right rear suspension of his #13, Hoonigan Racing Ford Focus RX in the first corner, manages to hold off four rivals for four laps to take victory. Still, it’s worth the re-share. Having made contact with Janis Baumanis’ Ford Fiesta into the first corner after a belting start, Bakkerud’s Ford is already crabbing as the field heads from asphalt to gravel.

Even with his rivals snapping at his crippled heels, the Norwegian still has one challenge left, namely the ‘joker’ lap that all competitors have to take. Bakkerud, having now made contact with the barriers (twice) into the final few corners, decides to leave his joker for the race to the line. All while commentators Andrew Coley and Tim Harvey prolapse with excitement.

Seriously, you might not believe how close the finish is…

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