VIDEO. Behind the scenes on a LEGO Ford GT LME GTE-Pro build

Behind the scenes as a LEGO Ford GT LME GTE-Pro is built from the ground up at one-third the scale of the real Le Mans racer.

We’ll grant you the ‘Ford wins on 24 Hours of Le Mans return’ news piece has been beaten into semi-unconsciousness by now, so we’ll beg you’re indulgence for just a little longer. Especially if you’re a LEGO Ford GT fan.

You may remember a few weeks ago LEGO released its tribute to both the classic 1966 GT40 and Ford’s ’66-’69 Le Mans-winning run. At the time, Ford also had something up its blue-tinted ruffled sleeves when it unveiled a scale model of the GT LME GTE-Pro – one third the size of the real car – built entirely from LEGO. The guys at Amalgam FMC no doubt tip their hats to you gentleman…

At the head of the project was Pascal No-Last-Name-Given, who’s wanted to be an official LEGO model builder since he was a young boy: he even went as far as to send the company a letter requesting a job at eight years old.

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The process, as you can imagine if you’ve also seen THIS LEGO Ferrari F1 time-lapse, is a mind-eff of logistics. For starters, there’s no existing blueprint of a LEGO Ford GT to follow, meaning the first step was creating a 3D scale model from scratch. Once that was done, the wheels are the first to be constructed, the bodywork – official livery and logos et al – to be built around it. Just consider the logistics of that: the build of this ‘strange by very exciting’ form, as Pascal puts it, takes three weeks, and includes 30-40,000 bricks of varying colours for any epileptic spectators. And once completed, the LEGO Ford GT weighs 30-40kg. That’s a mammoth undertaking.

Okay, that’s it. No more. That’s the last ‘Ford GT at Le Mans’ story we’ve got. Promise….for now…

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