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Fan of the new Bugatti Chiron but have no hope of buying one? Amalgam Fine Model Cars might have the $8200 answer for you…

So, you’ve seen the new Bugatti Chiron in action at Goodwood, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, it’s official unveil in Geneva, and bought the limited edition Parmigiani Fleurier watch. Given that pre-orders for the 1497bhp, 8-litre quad-turbocharged W16-powered brute were already flooding in when the Veyron successor was just a detailed sketch, we doubt many of you will have forked over the $2.5m for one of your own. That Bugatti is only making 500 of them makes that quite tricky too. There is good news though: if you have a spare $8K, you can now buy a Chiron for your desk at home.

Built to 1:8 scale (so, quite big), the Chiron Amalgam model is designed using the same CAD programming Bugatti engineers developed during the build of the car itself. And my word, what a build. The development and build of more than 2000 composite parts alone takes 3000 man-hours, with paint, polish and assembly constituting another 350 hours from a team with very steady hands. Even after this, no model is sold until it has been scrupulously checked by Bugatti’s designers and engineers, so you can be pretty sure the sculpted LED headlights, carbon silicon carbide brakes, and cabin switchgear are meticulously crafted.

If however tan leather and carbon effect detailing are not your cup o’ tea, and you happen to OWN a Bugatti, Amalgam even offers what it calls a Tailor Made model service. Close ties with the marque means access to the exact specifications of paint and 31 leather trim options is guaranteed. Plus, this service doesn’t just end with the paintwork or upholstery: even the stitching on the seats can be bespoke. Understandably Amalgam’s Bugatti range is pretty extensive, including as it does various special edition tributes to the Veyron, but also heritage models like the 1938 Type 57SC Atlantic. Motorsport fans might also enjoy the 1937 Le Mans winning Type 57G ‘Tank’, the ’34 Monaco Grand Prix-spec Type 59, and the five-time Targa Florio-winning Type 35. All for a perfectly reasonable $8200.

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