VIDEO. Jaguar XKSS. Jay Leno’s Garage

The first of the nine “lost” Jaguar XKSS remakes makes its way to Jay Leno’s Garage alongside Jaguar Classic director Tim Hannig.

If you were wondering which of the motoring masses would get their greasy mitts on the first of the nine ‘lost’ XKSSs currently being built by Jaguar Classic, then Jay Leno must surely have been a name near the top of that list, devout classic Jag man that he is. 

Not hard to understand why either. For those of you who haven’t seen our insight into the new Jaguar XKSS (naughty naughty, you can find it HERE), then we’ll give you a quick rehash. Firstly, these are not contemporary replicas, or re-imagined hybrids of the original D-Type base model. These are THE missing nine, right down to the chassis numbers. ‘Ultimate authenticity’ then is the by-word(s), including the 3.4-litre six-cylinder, remoulded bodywork and even the hand-built manufacturing process. Dunlop even commissioned a set of R5 tyres, true to period, for the project.

Now the XKSS is parked in Jay Leno’s Garage, but given the very last minute timing involved with the filming – the car was actually on its way to its debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show at the time – Jay doesn’t get a chance to take the XKSS for a spin, unlike in his other videos. Saying that, the car used at both the beginning and end of the video is an original XKSS that used to belong to Steve McQueen. So, yeah, no hardships there…

Still, if you have a spare 27m during your lunch break and fancy an in-depth crash course on Jaguar Classics’ latest project, represented here by its director Tim Hannig, then we doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Enjoy this Jay Leno Jaguar XKSS video?

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