VIDEO. Evolution of F1 Steering Wheels. Donut Media

Donut Media walks us through ‘the evolution of F1 steering wheels’. Turns out a lot has changed since 1957…

We’re aware that Formula 1 – pretty much any part of Formula 1 – is mind-rottingly complex, and if you want an example of just how fast the rate of development is in the sport, you might want to check out the below video from Donut Media on ‘The Evolution of F1 Steering Wheels’. 

Take the leap between the wheel in Jacques Villeneuve’s 2006 BMW Sauber F1.06 and the ‘modern’ example from 2014. Similarities, yes, but they’re pretty much unrecognisable given the complexities of Kinetic Energy Recovery (KERS), and, of course, the 1.6-litre turbocharged hybrids that have entered the sport inside the last decade. Driving at upwards of 350kph suddenly takes on a much higher significance when you consider just what needs to be done in the cockpit using, effectively, second nature.

Enjoy this Evolution of F1 steering wheels video?

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