VIDEO. Close action drift. robyworks

Wheel-to-wheel (and in-car) drift action from the team at robyworks. No music. Just awesomeness

Some days, you just need a drift video. No message, no commentary, no insufferable R&B blasting your eardrums to jelly. Just wheel-to-wheel drifting, with choice amounts of in-car footage, slow mo, and the sound of tortured tyres crying out for mercy.

Such is the case with the latest video from robyworks, whom you may remember produced the ‘Badass Latvian’ that went up for a London Motoring Film Festival award this year. The video itself is actually a composite of an earlier review of the 2016 DriftAllstars round from Estonia, won on that occasion by Ireland’s James Deane in the Falken Tyres Nissan S14. You can check out the full version HERE, and might also like to see our coverage from this year’s DriftAllstars round in Abu Dhabi HERE (plug, plug, plug…).

But the purpose of this video? Close action drift without music. And who wouldn’t want to see that?

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