VIDEO. Perfect Road gone wrong. 1000bhp Nissan 370Z

Chris Forsberg and Donut Media realise too late that Sod’s Law – and the local police – have conspired against them, with the Perfect Road gone wrong.

Sometimes, a shoot just doesn’t go the way you want it to. And we should know, since has ‘enjoyed’ its fair share of Sod’s Law-related cock-ups. Cue flagrant self-promotion…

There was the time the 4am call time for our Nissan GT-R vs Jaguar F-TYPE V8 R vs Aston Martin DB9 group test was cancelled after an unexpected puncture scuppered the Jaguar (with no spares to remedy it). Our Corvette Stingray convertible drive was brought to a premature end by an apache military helicopter ‘politely’ asking us to bugger off and stop doing burnouts so close to their base. Bentley Continental GT Speed vs Aston Martin DB9 ended with the Conti’s brake discs on fire, four hours were spent digging a long wheelbase Silverado Reaper out of the sand, and a Vantage V8 S shoot took slightly longer than expected when heavy rain washed away the only road to our shooting location in the Fujairah mountains. Even with planning done weeks in advance, the proverbial can often hit the ceiling fan.

Donut Media and 2014 Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg recently learnt this lesson, when the team’s drift assault of a mountain road ended almost as soon as it had begun (a quite literal Perfect Road gone wrong). Following some ‘slight’ miscommunication, the Pennsylvania-native’s 1000bhp Nissan 370Z (Z34) actually began its run on a public road BEFORE police had coned off the area. Having managed to just about avoid a Nissan pick-up truck and a BMW 5 Series estate, Forsberg has to slam on the brakes completely when he comes across an unsighted police cruiser parked diagonally across the road.

Now THAT is what we call Sod’s Law…

Enjoy this Perfect Road gone wrong video?

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