VIDEO. ‘ Fresh Tracks ‘. Forsberg and Tuerck practice-free drift runs

Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck make ‘ Fresh Tracks ’ in California, USA, and Riga, Latvia, on two drift courses they’ve had barely any practice time on

You’d think, after what happened with Chris Forsberg on ‘The Perfect Road’, that the Network A team would refrain from asking ‘what could go wrong’? Especially when its new series – Fresh Tracks – sends the reigning Formula Drift champion and Guinness World Record holder drifting down one of the most the most winding roads in California with only one practice run to fall back on. Ever the professional though, the Pennsylvania-native nails it.

In the first part of ‘ Fresh Tracks ’, the viewer climbs on-board Forsberg’s 1000bhp (yep) Nissan 370Z for a smoking run up the mountain. The sound is ungodly, at no point is the drift-spec 370Z going in a straight-line, and at no point is there a barrier between Forsberg – on only his second run, don’t forget – and the sheer drop into the valley below. It’s both intense and glorious at the same time, so naturally it wasn’t too long before fellow Network A man Ryan Tuerck also got in on the action.

In the second part of ‘ Fresh Tracks ’ (video below), Tuerck travels to Riga, Latvia, where the Formula Drift regular takes on a 3.5km-stretch of snaking asphalt through one of Europe’s biggest, Urban Parks, after only one practice run. His weapon of choice is a BMW E46 M3 packing a 950bhp supercharged V8. Expect smoke and noise.

“Beautiful views, fast cars, what else do you need?” Well, quite… 

Enjoy this Fresh Tracks series?

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