VIDEO. Audi S1 Sportback. Eurosport’s choice

Audi unveils the new S1 Sportback, and asks Eurosport’s Martin Haven to walk us through it.

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Think way back to 2012. No slightly further than that, when crankandpiston took a 185hp Audi A1 S-Line for a whang around. Some of us thought the super mini was nimble, offered a belting soundtrack, and was actually pretty cool. What we didn’t mention at the time was that a few of the team weren’t really sold, unsure where the joie de vivre was to be found, and were therefore unwilling to consider the A1 a hot hatch.

This however may change a few minds. It’s the new Audi S1 Sportback, and let’s cut to the chase: it kicks out 231hp from its onboard 2.0-litre TFSI, it looks the nuts, will hit 100kph off the line in 5.9 seconds, comes with sport-ready suspension, and it has a Quattro badge on it. Sold.

If you insist on being pernickety though, then let’s world touring car championship commentator Martin Haven walk you through the basics.

Source – Audi

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