Update 1, Gumout 4586. Ferrari-engined GT86

First update from Donut Media on Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari V8-engined Toyota 86, dubbed the Gumout 4586.

Just over three weeks ago, Donut Media teased an upcoming project build with Ryan Tuerck, in which the Formula drift star – along with performance specialists Gumout – would replace the flat-four boxer in a GT86 with the F136 4.5-litre V8 from a Ferrari 458 Speciale, including all the mind-rotting logistics that go with it: for starters, the very fact that the 597bhp 4499cc Italian unit is both taller and longer than the 86’s 197bhp 1998cc boxer four-cylinder makes you wonder how they’ll even squeeze that V8 lump in to begin with. We have it on good authority that jumping up and down on one end like an overpacked suitcase only achieves so much…

Walking Donut Media fans through the Gumout 4586 project – “we haven’t quite come up with a perfect name for it yet” – Tuerck details work currently underway on the induction system, as well as upcoming work (including custom headers) to keep that Maranello soundtrack intact. Plus a bog-load of rear-mounted cooling.

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Since the future JDM supercar will not be used in competition, Gumout is not as restricted when it comes to work on the chassis, which – surprise surprise – will also be stiffened, all the better for more accurate suspension setups and body control. It may not be competition-ready, but as we’ve recently seen with a Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 and an F430 Scuderia, Tuerck and his team will still be looking to drift the bollocks off 4586.

There’s still a ton of work to do though ahead of the team’s October rollout deadline, so be sure to watch this space for more updates coming soon.

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