TRIBUTE. RIP Mustafa Al Khan. Bahrain

Family, friends and fans were yesterday mourning the loss of Mustafa Al Khan, who tragically passed away in Bahrain. He was 34.

Like most aspiring racers, Mustafa’s first rungs on the motorsport ladder in his native Bahrain were on the go-kart scene, albeit intercut with drag racing events both regionally and in the USA.

‘Bridging the Gap’ with ZIP Formula (an entry level single-seater series akin to Formula Ford) in which he established himself as a regular points scorer, and turning Radical wheels in anger on the Speed Trip scene at the Bahrain International Circuit, Mustafa soon made his way into tintops. From the get-go in 2008, the Bahraini quickly established himself as a contender for the Batelco 2000cc Championship, and was duly crowned Champion in 2010.

Not one to rest on his laurels, the champ continued his journey into the touring car realms, most notably with the Alba Racing Team in Chevrolet Supercars. In a career spanning several disciplines, he raced wheel-to-wheel with some of the region’s hardest racers, and won the affection and respect of many more.

R.I.P. Mustafa Al-Khan

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