Toyota at Le Mans. The legendary contenders

Toyota Le Mans challengers from times gone by currently residing in the official Toyota Motorsport GmbH museum.

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Normally – as a self-proclaimed nerd of motorsport and with the ability of boring all and sundry to death for hours on end about this Formula 1 Grand Prix closer from 1982 or this British Touring Car Championship tussle from 1992 – my learned colleagues advise me against going overboard with motorsport content on “Just be aware James”, they say, “that our readers may not be as interested as you are.” I try – I promise I do try – to heed their respective warnings on the subject and try not to overload the site, since I realise I’ve been a culprit of this in the past.

Then out of nowhere, Toyota releases a sizeable gallery of the 24 Hours of Le Mans contenders it has sent up against the likes of Audi, Bentley, BMW and even McLaren over the years. Then hands said images to us on a plate.


Source – Toyota

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