VIDEO. AutoSelect Japan. Eiichiro Sawa. My time with Godzilla

BOWLS Films takes a close look at AutoSelect Japan and asks main man Eiichiro Sawa about his time with the Nissan Skyline.


Eiichiro Sawa, chief of AutoSelect Japan in the heart of Osaka, Japan, always had a passion for both driving cars as fast as he could and making more horsepower by raising boost and modifying the cars that came his way. And for those who couldn’t afford the mods they dreamed of, Sawa-San had that covered too. Support for AutoSelect Japan understandably skyrocketed, particularly in 1985 when its cars were featured in CarBoy Magazine, the Japanese car-tuning magazine of choice for many.

Sawa talks BOWLS Films through AutoSelect Japan in the video below, explaining the journey taken by the team and why the Nissan Skyline (particularly the R33) holds a special place in his heart.

Source – BOWLS Films and Scott Tsuneishi

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