TOP 10 Top Gear Power Laps

9. Jaguar E-Type vs Aston Martin DB5

(Season 6, Episode 5)

When talking about classic cars to have been put to a very clattery test around the Top Gear test track, it’s tempting to give the nod to the Lancia Stratos-inspired Hawk HF3000. But while the Lancia’s lap was entertaining if not particularly fast, two classics from Britain were demonstrating how to look stunning without anything as garish as outright speed.

A modified 1962 Jaguar E-Type – complete with modern suspension, tyres and brakes – lapped the circuit in a solid if hardly sprightly 1m 32.8s. More – or should I say less was to come from the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 though, its 1m 46s the slowest lap ever around the circuit at that time.

Did we care? No. Not even slightly. They both looked, and sounded, utterly glorious. And still do.

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