TOP 10 Top Gear Power Laps

7. Nissan GT-R

(Season 11, Episode 5)

The Top Gear power lap that crankandpiston resident Skyline nut AJ gets that…funny feeling about. Back in season 11, the new, Porsche 911-rivalling Nissan GT-R beat Japan’s legendary bullet train 645km from Hakui, Ishikawa to Mount Nokogiri in a race that proved just how monumentally 478bhp and the handling of an Olympic ice skater can be used for scalpel like perfection. It seemed only reasonable that a car Porsche effectively accused of cheating during a sub-7m 30s Nürburgring lap run would decimate the Top Gear test track. It didn’t disappoint.

Expectations that the final lap time would be around 1m 22s – Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Murciélago territory – were blown out the water when the Nissan GT-R four-wheel drifted its way to a 1m 19.7s lap time, bookended by the Ariel Atom and Ferrari Scuderia.

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