TOP 10 Top Gear Power Laps

5. Aston Martin DBR9

(Season 6, Episode 6)

It’s possible you don’t even remember the race-spec Aston Martin DBR9 that showed up at the Top Gear test track in 2005. Both the Aston DB9 Volante and the DB5 had left viewer tongues wagging earlier in season 6, and the Clarkson-Hammond-May 1600km race from London to Oslo with a McLaren-Mercedes SLR rather drew the attention too.

The 2005 Le Mans racer warrants another look though. For starters, its 1m 08.6s laptime was a stunning 10 – TEN – seconds faster than the Maserati MC12 (even if it’s racing roots meant it was exempt from the lap board). Mostly though, it’s the sound you’ll want to hear. Good God that 600bhp V12 sounds awesome!

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