TOP 10 Top Gear Power Laps

4. Bugatti Veyron / Pagani Zonda F

(Season 12, Episode 4)

The lap almost two years in the making, and the one EVERYBODY expected to leap to the top of the timing sheets. The Bugatti Veyron, after all, had already secured Top Gear honours by beating a Cessna 182 plane in a race from Alba, Italy to London, and at 1000bhp and by breaking the 250mph (400kph) barrier, the Veyron was already the fastest production car in the world.

How then could it not take the top spot? Corner speed for one. Straight lines were demolished with almost terminator-esque ferocity, and while the Bugatti’s stability through the turns was still monumental, its 1888kg weight hit back hard, and 1m 18.3s laptime ultimately left the Veyron fourth overall behind the Gumpert Apollo, Ascari A10 and Koenigsegg CCX. Then fifth, just moments later, when the Zonda F convertible posted a 1m 17.8s.

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