TOP 10 motorsport backflips

It’s the first rule of motorsport – “to ensure victory, try not to launch your vehicle into a mid-air back somersault”. Maybe it was Senna who said it, I can’t remember. Anyway, the point is that usually in motorsport, backflips are accidental, save for those crazy guys that drink too many energy drinks and are covered in Go Pros. But when ground-sky-ground events do occur, they’re pretty spectacular. So, inspired by Damien Walters’ recent stunt including a Formula E single seater, here are our 10 favourite backflips. Enjoy!

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10. Mark Webber – Formula 1, 2010

‘Twas at the Formula 1 European Grand Prix in Valencia, Spain where Aussie Mark Webber was chasing after Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel and happened upon backmarker Heikki Kovalainen in his Lotus. Rather than simply nip past and continue his charge, Webber managed to ram into the back of the Finn and was sent dramatically skywards. He didn’t quite managed the full back somersault, but eventually landed upright once again before crashing hard into the barriers. He was, thankfully, uninjured. But not very happy.

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