Subaru Impreza. WRX For Sale

Gera_39 shows an unorthodox way to put a Subaru Impreza WRX up For Sale.


Used Subaru for sale. Electric windows, almost all perfect. Windscreen, only one crack. Air conditioning. ‘Full’ service history. Crash-tested airbags. Immobiliser, sometimes. MOT to next week. ABS. PAS. TC. OMG. Good condition. Puce. $999 ono.

Apologies if I’ve accidentally replicated word-for-word the used car advert you’ve just placed, but most of us can recognise the traditional bilge thrown up whilst searching for a second-hand car. Gera_39 though found a novel way of putting something up For Sale this Subaru WRX.

All with a little help from OceanLab’s ‘On A Good Day’ and the warbling of an Impreza’s flat-four.

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