‘Ballistic’ B. J. Baldwin. Monster Trophy Truck. Recoil

B. J. Baldwin puts his 850hp Trophy Truck to the test across the sands of the Mojave Desert.


The fact that this video starts with a Nissan GT-R being given the beans (sideways) through the Mojave Desert should be enough incentive to click play on Recoil, a new vignette from Monster energy drinks.

If however you need a little more convincing, then four-time Off-Road Racing Champion B. J. Baldwin’s Trophy Truck travelling at over 240kph across the sands might help. This specially prepared beast rocks 34-inch suspension and a frankly staggering 850hp, all of which are put to good use as the Las Vegas skyline hoves into view as the video develops.

Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered how you could pull a J-Turn in a 2000+kg racing truck, you’ll want to check out ‘Ballistic’ B. J. Baldwin at 1m 03s.

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