‘Ballistic’ B. J. Baldwin. Recoil 2

Monster Energy and ‘Ballistic’ B.J. Baldwin present ‘Recoil 2’

Ballistic B.J. Baldwin Recoil 2 Monster Energy 03

Cast your mind back to April of last year. ‘Ballistic’ B.J. Baldwin – four-time Off-road Racing Champion – was busy putting the 34-inch suspension on his Baldwin Motorsports Trophy Truck to the test across the sands of the Mojave Desert, leaping conveniently placed leggy brunettes in the process. All part of a Monster Energy short film called Recoil’.

Now, from deep in the heart of the Baja 1000 route in Mexico, comes ‘Recoil 2’.

In an effort to win a bet placed with professional poker player/international three-card stud Dan Bilzerian, Baldwin hits the streets of Ensenada in his 800bhp Fedor for similar high-flying lunacy. Will he win?

Ken Block. We know you’re watching…

Source – Monster Energy

Baldwin Motorsports Trophy Truck Fedor NSP-1
Engine: 458 inch small block Chevy
Power: 800bhp
Torque: 690lb ft
Transmission: Kroyer experimental three-speed turbo 400 / rear-wheel drive
Front suspension: A-arm type / 26 inches of travel
Rear suspension: Three-link solid rear axle / 34 inches of travel
Brakes: Brembo six-piston
Wheels: N/A
Tyres: Toyo Open Country MT-R 39 13.50R17 Race Spec
Weight (dry) 6,390kg
Standing quarter mile: 12.1sec @ 180kph
Top speed: 233kph
Basic price: N/A

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