Ryno Microcyle. The answer to Segway face plants

Meet the Ryno Microcyle, a Segway with a seat, a 16kph top speed and stonking set of bull bars


If any of you have tried riding a Segway, you’ll know it’s more difficult than it looks (just ask Jimi Heselden). Lean too far forward or too far back, your belief in gravity will disappear and your faceplant will hit YouTube under the heading ‘Epic Fail’. This pretty badass edition then might be what you’re looking for to put those jittery knees to rest.

Okay, technically this isn’t a Segway. Its full name is the Ryno Microcycle (so called because it’s got one wheel and presumably gives you the horn if mounted the right way). What makes the Ryno a credible option – aside from the bull bars on the front, the purpose of which we’re still not clear on – is the seat. The gyroscope in the wheel still does most of the work and the handlebars are just for sure. But wouldn’t you prefer to sit down if you’re an inch away from going arse over elbow?

Top speed is 10mph (16kph) – or ‘the pace of a very fast run’ apparently – and range is 10m (16km). Anybody got a spare $5300? We’re keen to see how many laps of the crankandpiston office that is.

Source – Ryno Motors

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