Dubai Police. GCC Catamaran Cops

Thinking of outrunning The Law’s fleet of supercars by taking to the high seas? Think again…


January, 2014. The roads of Dubai are free from criminals thanks to a specially chosen task force of supercops in supercars patrolling the streets. Criminals are a slippery bunch though and have shifted their illegal activity to the high seas in an effort to outrun the fuzz. But ain’t no way Dubai Gov. are going to let a bunch of pirates start a crime wave (sorry) on the tranquil waters surrounding the Gulf.

The boys on blue (but wearing green) have hit back with a cop catamaran to reel in the unpleasant element. Well, we think it is a catamaran but we aren’t so hot on our boat knowledge. Where will this all end? With the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) focusing on space technology and launching DubaiSat satellites, a reusable space shuttle with police livery is surely imminent.

Photograph courtesy of Dave ‘The Boss’ Benson

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