Ronin RS 211. Frankenstein Lotus Elise

What started as a standard Lotus Elise has evolved into a 680bhp monster.


When Frank Profera bought a Lotus Elise in 2005, he planned to fiddle with the suspension a bit. But an accident on the freeway that left the car written off prompted him to take things a bit further. Rather than let the insurance company take what was left of the car away, he decided to rebuild it – with extras.

This is the result – the Ronin RS 211. Styled after the Lotus 2-Eleven, but with elements of a Can-Am car thrown in, this monster develops an amazing 680bhp at the wheels from its 1.8-litre engine, thanks in part to a clever system that mixes standard fuel with isopropyl alcohol. It’s an absolute beast, and when talk show host and car nut Jay Leno saw it tooling around California, he had to have it on his YouTube channel.

Whatever you do, don’t turn off until you see the car in action and hear the turbo. Awesomeness.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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