Aston Martin Works’ 60th anniversary Vanquishes

Aston Martin Works produces six special edition Vanquishes to mark its birthday.

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As we head into 2015, Aston Martin Works is preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary at its Newport Pagnall plant in the UK. In case you’re unfamiliar, Aston Works is the division of Aston Martin that looks after heritage cars as well as servicing modern models, and to mark the occasion, Aston’s Q division – the customisation lot – have put together these six bespoke Vanquish models.

The cars use aluminium from genuine classic Aston pistons and each model is subtly different to represent one of the six decades of work. Thus, the trim and paint colours vary from model to model, but it’s on the inside where the headlines are written – the rotary controls on the centre console are cast from pistons drawn from six Astons of different eras: the DB 2/4 Mk II saloon; the DB5; the V8 Coupe, the V8 Vantage X-pack, the V8 Vantage supercharged; and the original Vanquish. The pistons were taken from an engine that had been rebuilt or reworked at some point during its life.

All the Works Anniversary cars are identifiable by their yellow side strakes and alloy wheels, as well as sill plaques depicting the eras that the cars refer to. Mechanically, all are standard Vanquish GT Volante or Coupe models, with a 6-litre V12 under the bonnet.

The price? It’s POA, which suggests that if you have to ask, you can’t afford one.

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