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Newboy Kenny reflects on his Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible’s ability to guzzle coolant.


Driver's Log
Date acquired: Oct 2012
Total kilometres: 95,000
Kilometres this month: 2500
Costs this month: $65
L/100km this month: 16.2

Not much to report in the way of ‘exciting’ tales this month, barring the usual nursery and work runs in the Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible. However, a warning on the dash did alert me to low engine coolant that needed to be investigated.

The coolant warning, after flashing up, disappeared after a couple of minutes. A faulty sensor? The following day the warning flashed up again, and once again disappeared. Having checked the levels I found that the coolant was indeed low; strange, given that the car had recently been serviced by the Porsche Centre. So I topped it up and ran the car for a few days to see if the problem occurred again. Fortunately there were no more warning lights, but looking at the coolant bottle it did look low again and I decided to pay the Porsche Centre another visit. Apparently the coolant system in the Turbo is ridiculously hard to inspect, so not much could be seen.


As with all visits to the service centre, leaving without my wallet feeling lighter is not an option. Thankfully nothing that could be done there and then for the coolant system, but a shine of the flashlight highlighted a worn stabilising bar (which I knew about) and two front rubber suspension bushes that are in need of replacement.

With the coolant problem solved (fingers crossed), I decided to get out for a blast through the mountains. Suspension issues aside, it was a great run, one made yet more exciting given that Dubai had experienced one of the biggest rain storms in recent memory the night earlier. I’ll be sure to update you on that next month.

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