POLL. Nine terrifying hillclimbs

Nine terrifying hillclimb videos we’ve stumbled across on the internet.


A YouTube clip has just finished doing the rounds in the crankandpiston.com oval office. It’s been watched several times – the first few with clenched teeth – and we’re still reeling. The speed in the onboard hillclimb video is just (no other word) terrifying!

Naturally that got us thinking what other terrifying examples of speed on the climb the internet had to offer. So here’s a bunch we stumbled across whilst we were supposed to be working.

1. Let’s begin with the clip that started the ball rolling at crankandpiston.com GHQ, Liber Federico’s winning run on the 2013 Cividale Castelmonte hillclimb (his third at the event) aboard a Formula Gloria C8F singer seater. Skip to 3m 25s if you don’t fancy the build-up

Source – Federico Liber

2. Next up we have this particularly buttock-clenching run up the Course de côte de St. Ursanne at Les Rangiers, taken just last year. At the wheel of a Dallar GP2 chassis is David Hauser, who at around the 40s mark, hits speeds through the twisties that beggars belief.

Source – Gary Hauser

3. Sticking with the St Ursanne climb for a second, we’d also like to throw in Marcel Steiner’s run aboard an Osella FA 30 in 2012. The opening few minutes will give you an idea of the 200-plus kph speeds the prototype hits on the tarmac, but you’ll want to skip to 1m 27s to check out the full insanity.


4. crankandpiston’s own James Davison will tell you that to have a top ten hillclimb post that doesn’t include Pikes Peak legend Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima is sacrilege, so we figured we’d go in at the deep end. Ride shotgun up the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Hop onto the bumper of this 910hp, Twin-Turbo, All-wheel Drive, 150 mph Suzuki SX4 as the Monster attempts to break his 10m 01.141s record run.

Source – GoPro

5. A hill climb with a sandy difference and we have just one question for this Nissan Patrol driver: how the hell did he not roll it?!

Source – Offroadersdotcom

6. Granted this particular run lasts less than a minute and contains no on-board footage, but there’s no doubting how hard Nick Heidfeld is working during his record-breaking 1999 run at Goodwood. The Formula 3000 champion elect (and McLaren third driver) completes the climb in 41.6s, and given how much the front end moves on the bumpy surface, one wonders how close the German came to stacking the 1998 MP4-13 in the haybails.

Source – Goodwood

7. Nothing is more terrifying that slipping off the edge of a cliff. Just ask Jeremy Foley who incredibly managed to walk away from a massive accident at Pikes Peak in 2012. Co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov also extricated himself from the mangled Mitsubishi Evo VIII debris without injury. Skip to 7m 20s for the crash, or click here to see onlookers watch the carnage unfold.

Source – EvolutionDynamics

8. That Sébastien Loeb would break the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb record did not come as a shock to Ari Vatanen, 1981 World Rally Champion and Pikes Peak legend of repute himself courtesy of ‘Climb Dance’ aboard the Peugeot 405 T16 in 1988. Take a gander at the amount of opposite lock going on in this Opel Manta 400 on the 1983 Rothmans Manx International, and you’ll see that the Finn REALLY knows how to drive.

Source – Duke Video

9. Recommended to us by Jonathan Voss via crankandpiston twitter, this is Graeme Wight Junior aboard the V10 F1-powered Predator at the Doune Hillclimb in Scotland. The run may only last 36s but…dear God!

Source – MicksGarage

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Have you stumbled across any terrifying hillclimb footage that should be on this list? Why not let us know in the comments box below.

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