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We all love a bit of LEGO here at crankandpiston.com, and although some may say we’ve outgrown the bright plastic bricks, they’re wrong!


If you’ve got a collection, we’re jealous, but we’re pretty sure that you don’t have any of these. Alternatively, if you’re not a LEGO fan, Father’s Day is around the corner. Here are a few sets to remind your old man of his boyhood.

The LEGO Mini Cooper. Attention to detail stands out in this mini recreation of the err…. Mini. The green with white racing stripes paint job are only the beginning of a long list of details such as a realistic motor, opening doors, trunk and hood, an incredibly-detailed interior, fog lamps, a moving shift nob, steering wheel, patchwork upholstery, and even a picnic basket. Snap up this iconic example of British motoring for $100.


LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto 1. The Ghostbusters have gained cult icon status over time, and there is no doubt that their car helped them on their way. The Ecto-1, based on a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood chassis, is instrumental in helping them bust ghosts successfully. The car is captured in perfect detail in this LEGO model, on sale for $50.


LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine.Back to the Future was probably the best thing that happened to the DeLorean Motor Company, to the extent that the two seem almost intertwined today. There may not be many DeLorean time machines on sale today, but you can capture the spirit of the iconic car from the movie in this LEGO creation. Want one? It’s yours for $48.


Lego VW Camper Van. If you’re a fan of air-cooled automobiles, then this VW Camper van probably makes it pretty high on your list. The classic two-tone colour combination and the trademark round headlights are sure to have you yearning for your surfboard and the beach. Priced at $120.

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– Shots courtesy of Uncrate

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