Nissan 350Z. Time behind bars. Journals

After eight months – and a temporary impound – Steve’s Nissan 350Z is finally road legal

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Driver's Log
Date acquired: August 2011
Total kilometres: 88,201
Kilometres this month: 400
Costs this month: $1770
L/100km this month: 11.4

Hello again to all my dedicated readers – that means you mom – to another episode of ‘will this car ever be finished?’ That answer is, definitively yes. Not finished in the way of parts, oh no definitely not. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here! The car is, only as of slightly earlier this morning, completely legal to drive on the road again. That only took eight months.

Then after getting back to the UAE after a brief time in South Africa, I was eager to get back into the car scene. So I went to the swap meet where people would be swapping parts for other parts or cash. Now if you actually went to the swap meet you would know that I wasn’t actually there. So where was I? Sitting on the side of the road waiting for my wife to come get me from Sharjah. See, I managed to get my car impounded on the way to the Dubai Autodrome. I was randomly pulled over by a policeman in Dubai, roughly 10km from my destination. Not for speeding, or driving erratically. Just because.


Now granted, my car’s registration was expired, and the colour was different to the colour on the registration card, but I had no way of getting back to Abu Dhabi. So the kind officer wrote me a ticket and gave me a warning. Until his superior showed up. Long story short, I was given a 2 week impound, and a hefty fine for having committed all these offences. I was at the impound with clearance papers a few days later to release my car, after paying 100dhs a day for each day the car would still need to be locked up. That day I drove it to Lap57 to fix the wheelbase difference. One week later I had the car back and as of today I finally got it roadworthy again.

The next few months will be mellow as I will most likely only be driving her around when necessary, but with the anniversary of the ordering of my KW Clubsports coming up and still not having installed them I am itching to get some more work done. It’s a never ending story.


With the chassis repaired and the car registered and a very large hole burned into my pocket, I have learned a few things. One of those things is to not drive a car for eight months unlicensed. Also that it probably would have cost me less if I had of just fixed the damage in the first place and registered the car. Now that she’s an ex convict though, it’s even more exciting to drive her around. Journals is a contributor-based section, the contents of which have been provided by site readers and enthusiasts. All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the authors concerned and do not necessarily reflect the views held by  

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