NINE cars you’ll want to check out at Goodwood

3. Nissan GT-R…drone

Nissan GT-R drone-1

That the new 2017 GT-R would be at Goodwood this weekend was a no-brainer, crowds and JDM fanboys alike champing at the multi-horse-powered bit for those all important instagram shots of Nissan’s headline performance machine. What was slightly surprising though was news that Nissan would also be unveiling one of the fastest accelerating First Person View racing drones ever made. How fast is it you ask? Well, thanks to four propellers mated with 2000kV XNova motors and weighing little more than a paperclip, the drone will hit 100kph from standstill in 1.3 seconds, beating the 562bhp 2017 GT-R by a cool 1.5 seconds.

And oh dear me yes, there IS video footage of that head-to-head below. Ricardo Sanchez behind the wheel though can take some solace, for while the GT-R he’s piloting can reach at least 315kph, the drone – custom designed by World Drone Prix Champions, Tornado XBlades Racing – will run out of steam at 185kph.

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