VIDEO. Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 touring car battle

THROWBACK THURSDAY. Round eight of the 1988 British Touring Car Championship sees four-time series champion (and all-round legend) Andy Rouse take on long-time rival Steve Soper as the Brits show the Brands crowd just what the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 can do.

We’re throwing it back old-school again this Thursday, and this video we’ve plucked from the British Touring Car Championship archives isn’t one to be missed.

This video showcases an awesome battle from the UK’s Brands Hatch BTCC event, way-back-when in 1988. The battle features the likes of Steve Soper in the Eggenberger Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 and Andy Rouse piloting the Rouse Engineering Sierra Cosworth RS500. These two tintop legends go head-to-head for lap after lap. And it’s just epic!

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