More awesome Lego. Bye-bye, money

The battle to find space for all these awesome Lego models starts here.

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Lego is on something of a petrolhead gig at the moment. Only a couple of months after the awesome 24 Hours Endurance Racer (which this author has already bought, built and put on display in his hallway), we now have a whole cavalcade of supercar racers.

The Lego Speed Champions range features block-tastic versions of cars from some of the world’s best racecar manufacturers, and dammit, we’re going to have to buy them all.

For McLaren fans, you can recreate the recent slump in form by building the McLaren-Mercedes MP4-29 Formula 1 car, and pit garage, a set licensed just before McLaren ditched Mercedes and went to Honda power instead. Or if you prefer some road-car swag, how about the already-iconic P1?

For the Tifosi, choose between the Ferrari F14 T Formula 1 car – with rather awesome transporter truck – or perhaps the LaFerrari? Alternatively, you can rock the 458 Italia GT2 look.

Prefer a Porsche? No worries – Lego has recreated the 918 Spyder and a pair of 911 racers.

All the models are available now. Right Lego, now how about that Caterham next?

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