TRAILER. ‘Group B’ Movie

Backed by the UK’s National Film And Television School, the new short film Group B follows the story of Shane Hunter’s return to world rally competition.

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Following on from an independent video we posted a few weeks ago, has now stumbled across another tribute to rallying’s most lunatic period.

Nick Rowland’s Group B is the story of fictional rally driver Shane Hunter and his return to competition during the World Rally Championship’s hallowed turbocharged era. Few details have been released about the movie thus far, other than it stars Richard Madden from Game of Thrones and Michael Smiley from Luther. Of particular note though is that former three-time British Rally Group N Champion – and reigning Rally America champion – David Higgins was on stunt driving detail, the majority of which was done at the Brit’s rally school in Wales.

Plus, the trailer – and the behind the scenes shots you see above – have thus far unveiled only two legendary rally machines, the first being the four-wheel drive mid-engined Metro 6R4. Launched in the 1985, it scored just one podium (at that year’s Lombard RAC rally) before severe regulations changes saw Group B come to an abrupt end.  Also starring in the film (we assume) will be the RS200 Evo, Ford’s first four-wheel drive contender to enter the class, and the record holder for the fastest accelerating car for more than 12 years with an eye-watering 0-100kph time of 3.07 seconds.

This isn’t the first movie these days to revive the old motorsport era – with Senna, Rush and Adrenalin springing to mind – and we doubt will be the last to make us spend the last few bucks in our wallet to pre-order them.

Take my money, Group B. Take it all.

Source – Nick Rowland. For more details, check out Group B’s official facebook page

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