Mercedes-AMG EQS coming to rebooted Munich motor show as first all-electric AMG

This will be joined by the new EQE, GT 4-Door E Performance and more as Mercedes go on a new offensive

For a while it felt like the final Frankfurt motor show in 2019 was not just the last to be held in that specific German city, but also the last large-scale international car show after the world was confronted with Covid. Yet despite the ruminations, this September’s rebooted IAA show in Munich doesn’t appear to be the shadow of its former self we might have been expecting, with Mercedes confirming no less than seven world premiers chock full of new and exciting products. 

This will be led by two large-scale debuts from AMG, revealing flagship versions of both the EQS and GT 4-door with vastly different powertrains hidden away under the skin. The new GT will launch AMG’s E Performance sub-brand, as it’ll be the first to feature the electrified rear axle that’ll join an internal combustion powertrain up front. This hybrid system will be fitted to a spread of upcoming AMG models, but will appear first in this GT 4-Door with upwards of 800bhp combined.

But it’ll be AMG’s interpretation of the new EQS that will be the biggest reveal for the performance arm, as it shows off its hard work after confirming development of the new all-electric EV AMG back in Frankfurt 2019. We don’t know anything about power or performance figures so far, but suggest it’ll have to substantially out-do the current EQS 580 flagship that already packs 516bhp and 630lb ft of torque. 

Mercedes will also reveal the EQE, a smaller sibling to the EQS that will make for a more accessible, but no less advanced battery-electric executive saloon. It’ll join the range alongside the combustion E-class on a bespoke electric platform, and share the EQS’s distinctive aesthetic, proportions, and judging by the teaser image, it’s massive pillar-to-pillar Hyperscreen. This mid-sized executive saloon will also be available in an AMG form in time, so too a raised SUV variant. 

But it doesn’t end there, with Merc’s Maybach division revealing a new concept car muted to be an Maybach version of the upcoming EQS-based SUV, the new C-class will be revealed in a new All-Terrain variant, a new armoured S-class and finally Smart will also make a comeback in the form of a compact all-electric SUV.

If traditional motor shows are going the way of the dodo, clearly Mercedes didn’t get the memo, so best keep an eye out for September 7-12 when all seven of those sheets come off.

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