Making of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Bugatti goes about the design aspects – and performance potential – of its Vision Gran Turismo

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“If you ever felt the urge to go racing with a modern day Bugatti, this is your chance to do it.” Music to the respective ears of GT and Bugatti fans the world over by the man who brought us the astounding Vision Gran Turismo.

That the company’s new Vision Gran Turismo concept is a tribute to not only Bugatti’s two Le Mans victories in the late 1930s but also a hint as to the design of the upcoming Chiron is by now no secret at all. The on-track capabilities of the beast however are another matter entirely, and for insight into that we turn to Achim Anschiedt (Director of Bugatti Design), Sasha Selipanov (Head of Exterior Design) and Etienne Salomé (Head of Interior Design) to walk us through it in this in-depth video. Hard to believe that the concept was born from a brief that included stripping the Veyron of nearly all its excessive luxury and equipping real existing race technology, after a suitable period of aerodynamic research of course.

As they explain, ‘this car is no science fiction…’

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