MAD MAX meets paintballs and go-karts

What if Mad Max Fury Road had included go-karts? And a paintball gun?

Devin Super Tramp Mad Max 04

Interest in Mad Max Fury Road exploded when it first arrived in the theatres, most automotive enthusiasts buying their tickets purely to get a glimpse of the post-apocalyptic themed cars and the awesome desert chases. Indeed, we’ve already seen inspired projects like MightyCarMods’s ‘Mod Max’, but Devin Super Tramp has taken it one step further.

Top notch filming, makeup, acting and, most importantly, GoKart fabrication has been put into this short video, in which a C3 Corvette GoKart and a wall-bashing Dodge Ram try to escape a pursuing pack of crazy War Boys in Green River Utah. And if all that wasn’t enough, they’ve also thrown in a paintball shootout.

Devin Super Tramp has created this in collaboration with Warner Brother Games to promote the new Mad Max game, which is due to land on September 1st this year. And it does make us wonder who will sign up next to make a Mad Max commercial next. We can definitely see a Polaris RZR going up against a Can-am Maverick…

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