Volkswagen. Type 2 camper life

Guest Author – Ian Cox

There is a bit of a passion for all things air cooled here at The ‘crankandpiston’ Loft, with the exception of maybe a few of the old Eastern Bloc barges that were available. So it was no surprise to see Phil drooling over pictures of a gorgeous VW camper this week on the Facebook page.

It prompted me to have a quick check to see what sort of prices they were fetching these days, as they just seem to keep climbing. There it was, a ’62 VW Samba 23 window, resplendent in orange and white, sold by Barrett-Jackson auctioneers in the US for, wait for it……67,000 sterling! Around 400,000AED. Picked yourself off the floor yet?

Now that’s a bit strong for me, so how about we head over to Don’t worry, here at Crank & Piston we aren’t about to go nuts over caravans, but I could be tempted by a brand new VW T2 Campervan, built to my own specifications and of course, a few tasteful modifications would have to be added. Maybe a two tone pastel paint scheme, lemon yellow and white, slammed on the deck, a nice set of Empi 8 spokes or even polished Porsche Fuchs.

The picture is in my head and the money box has been purchased already. Now wouldn’t you just love to be cruising the Beach Road watching the sun go down over the Arabian Gulf in one? That would take the smile off the Gallardo/458 Italia/997 Massive wouldn’t it?

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