Lamborghini SCV12 teased – ultimate track-only special a celebration of the V12

Lamborghini Squadra Corse is taking the V12 to the racetrack with limited-run SCV12 track car


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Lamborghini’s racing outfit Squadra Corse has given us a first look at its SCV12 track-only hypercar before a full reveal later this summer. The SCV12 is a bespoke model designed and engineered to be the ultimate example expression of Lamborghini without the limitations of road-car regulations, while also celebrating the naturally-aspirated V12 engine usually reserved for Lambo’s road-going flagships. 

The new model will be built from a bespoke carbonfibre chassis, with Lamborghini’s 6.5-litre V12 engine featuring at its core. In this track-only application, Lamborghini is quoting a peak power of 818bhp, some 58bhp more than the current Aventador SVJ, which has grown in part thanks to a form of passive forced induction Lamborghini calls ‘aerodynamic supercharging’. The system works by directing air from two intakes on the bonnet into the SCV12’s roof-mounted scoop, pressurising it via internal NACA-style ducting before being pumped directly into the V12’s intake manifold. 

Unlike Lamborghini’s current road-going V12 models, the SCV12 sends its power to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission, to which the rear pushrod suspension is bolted directly. This method is used to reduce weight by not requiring a rear subframe to knit the rear-end components together, instead using the gearbox itself and as such the engine as a structural element, just like a Ferrari F50. The tyres are slick Pirelli units bolted to road-car sized 19- and 20-inch magnesium wheels on the front and rear axles respectively.

As one might expect of a track-only Lamborghini, the styling is typically wild with an array of aerodynamic devices around the bodywork designed to both look extreme and produce high downforce.The SCV12 actually has a higher downforce value than Squadra Corse’s Huracan GT3 racer, yet does so with a lower coefficient of drag. 

The package is underwritten by the huge rear wing and kamm-style rear end which helps shear the air from the rear bodywork reducing drag while leaving the high-speed airflow above alone. But the design isn’t all about just big downforce numbers, with style-led elements such as the subtle fins running over top of each of the wheels referencing the Lamborghini Sian that was revealed last year. 

More information will be disclosed when the SCV12 is officially revealed next month, with more details on estimated pricing and how many units Lamborghini intend on producing.

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