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CarTorqueTV gets walked through the story behind one of Jaguar’s most famous, unraced models: the 1966 XJ13

CarTorqueTV Jaguar XJ13-03

Calm down, this isn’t actually a genuine Jaguar XJ13. There’s only ONE of those in the world, and has been kept safely under lock and key with the Jaguar Heritage Trust since its build in 1966.

With five wins at Le Mans already under its belt (four of which were consecutive), Jaguar began development on the new XJ13 to take on both the Ford GT and Ferrari P4 at Le Mans. Like its rivals, the XJ13 was rear-wheel drive, 502bhp being produced by a 5-litre V12. Malcolm Sayer meanwhile, architect for both the C-Type and D-Type, focused on the aerodynamics. However, couple an extended gestation period with changes to the sportscar regulations and the XJ13 never turned a wheel at La Sarthe. To compound matters, a demonstration run during the launch of the Series III E-Type ended badly, the XJ13 flipping at close to 225kph. The rebuild would not be complete until 1973.

The fascination then has merely built over time with a reported 30 replicas spread across the globe. Indeed, Aaron Lewis – owner of this particular replica – refers to it as Jaguar’s ‘mythical car’. Victor of a successful auction, Aaron walks CarTorqueTV through his pristine replica, his enthusiasm almost tangible.

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