Jaguar. Ian Callum’s design passion

Jaguar director of design Ian Callum speaks about his lifelong obsession with both cars and the design that goes into them.

Ian Callum Jaguar-2

“Why do cars have such emotional value for people? I think because it affects the personal life. Most people, in their lives, in this modern day, have a motor car, and they pay a lot of money for it. And so they have a fairly subjective view on what they’re buying. But I think the real answer is ‘dynamic’. It’s not just something you sit and look at. You become part of it.”

Long time fans of should already be aware of this, but the above quote should let you know just how big a car nut Jaguar director of design Ian Callum really is. Indeed, at this year’s New York Motor Show, we heard this straight from the horse’s mouth. Now, in Jaguar’s latest inspirational video, you can hear about the path that led Ian from his humble beginnings in Dumfries, Scotland, to his position today as one of the world’s most respected car designers.

Source – Jaguar

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