How to design the new Ford GT

Ford’s exterior design manager and chief aerodynamicist walk us through the design and build process of the new Ford GTs bodywork.

Ford GT Design-1

“It’s a celebration of material, it’s a celebration of performance, of iconic style and heritage, and the future. It’s much more than just “let’s sketch something cool”’ No pressure then…

The above are the words of exterior design manager Garen Nicoghosian. While he doesn’t waste too much of this video explaining how to pronounce that last name of his, he does explain the intricacies of re-designing a lineage that dates back to 1964, one that will also be thrust into the limelight on-track in 2016 courtesy of Ford’s new Le Mans program. Aerodynamicist Bernie Marcus then takes over to explain how the new Ford GT’s design goes makes its way from the page to the wind tunnel, and, eventually, the bedroom wall.

Source – Ford Performance

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