How not to tackle Pike’s Peak. Ford RS200

Modified Ford RS200 climbs Pike’s Peak. Then falls down it.

Pat Doran Pike's Peak RS200

Petrolheads around the world are gearing up for the legendary Pike’s Peak Hill Climb this Sunday. The annual event sees a multitude of huge-horsepower machines converge on Colorado to see who can drive up a mountain the fastest.

Of course, whenever the edges of adhesion are pushed, there are risks. As renowned British rallycross star Pat Doran discovered while practising for the event in his Ford RS200. The veteran made a small cornering mistake and promptly hurled his car off the mountain, causing serious damage.

Remarkably, Pat and his team managed to recover the car and restore it to race-worthy condition in just 13.5 hours, ready for qualifying, according to his Facebook page. We salute you sir. Now get out there and show that mountain who’s boss.

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