Todd McLellan. Classic Motorcycles

A series of beautiful classic bike photographs by Todd McLellan.

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Phil McGovern called me over to his computer. “Check this out,” he said, thrusting forward his laptop, upon which sat a beautiful picture of a beautiful old motorcycle.

Now, I know next to nothing about motorbikes, but I know what I like, and I liked this fantastic shot of a classic Triumph, which resembled a bright red pushbike with its dimensions stretched out. It’s the shot above, in fact.

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I wanted to know more. A bit of Googling showed me that the bike is not just any old runaround. It’s a 1969 Triumph-powered dragster, running an alcohol-fuelled 850cc engine, and a chassis designed by Alf Hagon, a British rider and designer of considerable note in the drag-racing community. Lovely.

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It was while researching the bike that I found that the picture wasn’t a one-off. It’s part of a series of shots taken by Canadian photographer Todd McLellan, and he’s got more of them. In an interview with Pipeburn, he explained how the series came about following a request from a local artist to take reference shots for paintings. McLellan then got so into bikes that he’s now looking to start riding himself.

As long as he keep taking pictures like these, that’s fine by us. Check out more awesome shots, and more of Todd’s work on his website.

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