Honda. NSX CONCEPT-GT. Unveiled

Honda has unveiled the NSX CONCEPT-GT and the Power of Dreams returns.

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The video of the Acura NSX Prototype on track created a little bit of much needed excitement for die-hard Hondaholics recently. Finally, the new NSX looked like it might actually see production after an eternity of concepts and teasers that failed to generate any real interest or assuage fears that Honda had lost its way.

Today the covers have come off the Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT and it’s ready to race in the GT500 class of the 2014 SUPER GT Series Round 5 at Suzuka Circuit. Details are slim but it complies with the 2014 regulations on GT500 vehicles set by the Japan Automobile Federation and is running a mid-mounted 2.0-litre inline direct-injection 4-cylinder turbo engine and a racing hybrid system. There really is nothing like a fully kitted monster Japanese GT car to let you know that Honda are back in the game.

The Power of Soichiro Honda’s Dream lives on.

Video- CarniftyTV

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