Because Lawn Mower… Grassroots Motorsport?

Honda clinch the world’s fastest lawn mower crown. But how long before Hennessey get in on the action?


“A lawn mower is a machine that uses one or more revolving blades to cut a lawn to an even height. The blades may be powered either by hand by pushing the mower forward, or may have an electric motor or an internal combustion engine to spin their blades. Some mowers also include other abilities, like mulching or collecting their clippings.”Wikipedia

Well, forget about all that practicality nonsense. Honda might not have anything particularly sporty in their car line-up at the moment but they sure do build a fast grass cutter. If you enjoy trimming your lawn with mower power than you ever thought was imaginable then check out the Honda Mean Mower which has allegedly been crowned the world’s fastest lawn mower with a top speed of 116mph (186.6kph).

For all the muscle mower fan boys who hate on the Honda riced-up mowers we will also include a USDM John Deere doing burnouts and some mower drag racing in the video selection below.

Source – HondaVideo

Source – Auto Express

Source – Mrbasshead411

Source – swattinsalmon

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