3082hp Bentley to take on Santa Pod Raceway

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a 3082hp Bentley and it is ready to light up the drag strip at Santa Pod Raceway.


Santa Pod Raceway is the home of UK drag racing. Round one of the FIA European Drag Racing Championships takes place this weekend (23-26 May) and promises to be an action-packed weekend featuring some of the best drag cars in Europe. Not really an appropriate place for a posh Bentley then?


Among the runners is 48-year old Steve Neimantas who is a Swiss-trained watch repairer from Brighouse, Yorkshire. And he is probably a bit not quite right in the head. He has spent the past eight months and over £250,000 ($422,150) transforming a metallic grey Continental GT into an insane 3082hp drag machine which should cover the quarter-mile in just seven seconds, reaching speeds of over 200mph.


Under Bentley bonnet lives a 10.2-litre Chevy V8 engine that uses two huge turbochargers helping to produce five times more power than your regular Continental GT from the Bentley boys. From watch repairer to drag racer, it is clear that Steve is a man that takes time seriously. Very seriously.

Image credit – Eurodragster.com

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