VIDEO. Gumout GT-4586 drifts around Ferrari 458

Ahead of its 2016 SEMA debut, Ryan Tuerck’s Gumout GT-4586 makes its dynamic debut with some donuts around a near-$210K Ferrari 458 Italia.

The time has finally come.

For several months now, Gumout, Donut Media and Ryan Tuerck have been teasing us with snapshots of the GT-4586, a Ferrari V8-engined Toyota 86 that will be put to competitive use by the former Formula D contender next year. Having been walked through the complexities of the heart transfer, plus the new vivid red paint finish from 2M Autoworks, last time the GT-4586 was fired into life – quite literally as evidenced by the side-mounted exhaust pipes – for the first time ahead of its SEMA debut. But before that, Gumout and Ryan had one last trick up their modded sleeves.

Before heading to the Las Vegas Convention Centre, the GT-4586 demonstrates just what it can do with several smoking donuts around a stock, near-$210K Ferrari 458 Italia. As ways to make an entrance, you’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty good one.

So, details. That an F136 V8 from Maranello has been squeezed, kicking and screaming, into an 86 ZN6 chassis, we know. Performance has also been teased, the GT-4586 not losing much in terms of outright grunt to the 458 Speciale with 570bhp and 398lb ft of torque (a MoTeC M142 ECU helping to control the ferocity). Both the Toyota and seven-speed dual-clutch Ferrari transmissions have hit the recycling bin too, Huddy MotorSports opting instead for a Fortin Racing’s five-speed sequential. Inside, just in front of the roll cage, lie two Recaro Profi SPA carbon seats complete with six-point Takata Race 6 harnesses. To help achieve up to 62-degrees of steering lock, the chassis is mated with Wisefab suspension kit, and for a finale, a new set of Fifteen52 Penta three-piece wheels are clad in performance Hankook Ventus RS3 rubber (245/40ZR18s front, 265/40ZR18s rear)

Enjoy this Gumout GT-4586 drift video?

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