EPIC SAVE on-board 666bhp McLaren 675LT

One McLaren 675LT owner goes full brown alert on-track at the Ascari Race Resort when the 666bhp beast tries stuff itself in the barriers in sixth gear.

You’d think one near miss in a 666bhp McLaren 675LT would be enough for this, let’s say, plucky driver. But no. Having got the limited edition brute very sideways at the Ascari Race Resort, the driver – Swedish car nut Peter Soederberg – seemingly takes very little time to recuperate, despite the go-pro detaching itself from his helmet amid armfuls of opposite lock, before he’s at it again.

Now, we’re driven the McLaren 675LT previously crankandpiston.com (you can check out the full feature HERE), and even though McLaren’s by their very nature offer a performance threshold that only the Justice League could hope to leapfrog, mercifully we didn’t have to worry about said Macca swapping ends on us at Jebel Jais. $393K-worth of carbon fibre versus a canyon full of rock face? No thank you.

The intrepid Mr Soederberg though clearly doesn’t learn his lesson, the second incident somehow even more sphincter-shrivelling than the first one. Well into the triple figures, he brakes late for a mid-speed right hander, jumps back on the power before the chassis has re-settled, and experiences the mother of all tank-slappers (presumably at a still healthy rate of knots) just before the back chicane. We’re guessing, after a much-needed lie-down, that the first thing Mr Soederberg did post-track session was go and buy a lottery ticket, because how he kept the 675LT out of the barriers is anybody’s guess.

Enjoy this near-disastrous McLaren 675LT on-board?

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