Update 3, Gumout GT-4586. Ferrari-engined GT86

The Ferrari V8 mounted in Ryan Tuerck’s Gumout GT-4586 Toyota 86 finally fires into life ahead of its 2016 SEMA debut.

Sometimes words are just not necessary.

With just two days to go before its SEMA motor show debut, Ryan Tuerck’s Gumout GT-4586 is finally fired into life in one of two new video updates on Donut Media. With work now completed by Huddy Motorsports on the new headers (that’s video two, by the way), this is the first time we’ve heard the Ferrari 458 Speciale-derived F136 4.5-litre V8 roaring its high-pitched neck tinglers since being mounted into a Toyota GT86.

If the sound alone isn’t enough to get you amped up, check out the flames licking the front wheel arches and aftermarket tyres from the now front-mounted dual exhaust pipes. Now news yet on whether a power dome will encase the fiery V8 in-keeping with the bodywork’s brand new paint job (you never know…), nor is there any news on what Ryan’s first event with the Gumout GT-4586 will be: he’s hardly been shy explaining that the Ferrayota will see drift action in 2017.

Buckle up for SEMA. After all this build-up, Ryan Tuerck, the Gumout team and possibly the most random JDM supercar we’ve ever seen will be making a big splash.

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