First AC Cobra 378 Superblower rolls off production line

AC Cars’ 580bhp Cobra 378 Superblower continuation will set you back $180,000, and the first example is now complete

If the notion of an electrified AC Cobra took you aback when it was announced early last year, you’ll be glad to hear that AC cars is taking steps to restore the natural order of things with a V8 supercharged 378 Superblower version. Following its reveal in July 2020, the very first example is now ready to hit the road, and will cost just shy of $180,000. 

Now its third reproduction model, it will join the firm’s aforementioned EV and Ford Ecoboost powered four-cylinder models. Like the other two variants, the Cobra 378 Superblower is an accurate continuation of the original Cobra, built on a tubular steel chassis with fibreglass body panels. AC has updated the handling package with a modern combination of coilover suspension front and rear on multilink axles, contemporary brakes and anti-roll bars.

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The AC Cobra 378 Superblower isn’t totally without controversy though, as it doesn’t feature a Ford V8, but a supercharged 6.2-litre LS unit from General Motors. While the use of a GM engine doesn’t quite fit the Cobra’s historical narrative, its 580bhp peak power figure should be enough to make up for that.

The rest of the package is typical to an AC Cobra, with a heavily sculpted body that only just contains the 10-inch wide rear wheels. Due to the bespoke nature of each example, customers are able to have the Superblower built to their own specification in regards to colour and trim, with the interior finished in leather top to bottom.

At $180,000, the new Cobra 378 Superblower isn’t inexpensive, siding up to modern sports cars like the Aston Martin Vantage in price and performance, but it’s hardly the money-no-object reproductions manufacturers like Jaguar Classic and Aston Martin Lagonda will charge for one of their new-old builds. The firm has also confirmed that it will sell 12 limited edition models in a choice of five retro-inspired liveries, from AC blue, through to British racing green. 

Current owner of AC Cars, Alan Lubinsky, said: ‘We are near the end of an era. In time we’ll be saying a final farewell to the iconic AC Cobra. My question is: Will we ever see (and hear) its like again? My answer is – these celebration cars guarantee that the legend that is the AC Cobra will live on into the future and outlive the ICE Age.’

Given the model is built by AC Cars it is considered a genuine item, and will come with certification and ‘COB’ chassis number, ensuring it remains a cut above the numerous kit cars in the ether.

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